Dr. Iuliu Vasile Konya

Welcome to my page! At the moment I am pursuing my Ph.D. on Robust Methods for Document Analysis at the Fraunhofer IAIS in the NetMedia department. My research interests lie in the area of Document Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation.

Short Bio

Selected Publications

Konya, I. and Eickeler, S. and Seibert, C.: Fast Seamless Skew and Orientation Detection in Document Images. Submitted to ICPR 2010.

Konya, I. and Seibert, C. and Eickeler, S.: Fraunhofer Newspaper Segmenter - A Modular Document Image Understanding System. In: IJDAR - expected publication in 2010.

Konya, I. and Seibert, C. and Eickeler, S. and Glahn, S.: Constant-Time Locally Optimal Adaptive Binarization. In: Proc. ICDAR, 2009.

Konya, I. and Seibert, C. and Glahn, S. and Eickeler, S.: A Robust Front Page Detection Algorithm for Large Periodical Collections. In: Proc. ICPR, 2008.

Selected Awards

Winner of the 2009 Page Segmentation Competition (held within ICDAR 2009), as part of the NetMedia Doc.Analysis Team (C. Seibert, S. Eickeler).